How does someone apply for my property?

We always ask a prospective tenant to complete and sign an application form, giving us permission to check the information provided. We will discuss an applicant with you once they have been processed.

What if an applicant contacts me?

In the highly unlikely scenario where a prospective tenant contacts you to discuss their application, or ask questions regarding their rejected application, we recommend that you simply request that they contact us (M Residential). Let them know that we are managing the property on your behalf and that we are the ones to talk to with regard to the tenanting of the property. If they persist, we recommend that you do not discuss anything further to avoid unnecessary problems and complications.

How do you check an applicant?

With the information provided we confirm their payment and tenancy history by calling their current and previous landlord/agent as well as confirming their current employment. If they have been employed for less than 12 months, we verify their previous employment. They are checked against a National Tenancy Internet Database to see if a previous agent has lodged them as a bad tenant. We also take copies of their driver’s license, passport and visa.

In some cases, where an applicant may not have a tenancy history, we try and confirm other information that may give us insight to show their ability to maintain a tenancy in your rental property (eg. a stable employment history).

In some cases where this is not possible, we may simply reject the application.

Who selects the applicant for my property?

You do! We will give you the information we have collected and by using our experience give you a possible recommendation as to the tenancy outcome, but the final selection is always your choice!

Do you guarantee the tenant?

We can never guarantee any approved tenant for your property. We can only attempt to collect information on their past history and confirm their income arrangements. As their paying of rent and maintaining the property is purely voluntary we cannot guarantee any tenancy outcome. This is a risk that comes with acting as a landlord and allowing someone else to rent your property. There is always some security if you choose to have ‘Landlord Protection Insurance’.